I’m in the Kitchen


Ah, my kitchen. The room once described as ‘like being inside a huge vagina’ by the ever eloquent – and also mega handy with a paintbrush – Anniesaurus.

The textured mauve walls and the dull light earned it such an accolade and y’know, it was kinda vagina like. It also had actual excrement up one wall and a beautifully interpreted penis sprayed gloriously on the window and a plethora of other delights.

You all saw (and boked) at the old photos but here is a glossed over reminder of what we moved into.


The kitchen v1 photo credit

And here is what a bunch of bloggers can do…between tea breaks and cake breaks and gossiping.

photo 4 (1)

The kitchen v1.1: White out

The transformation from vagina to kitchen took a Long Time and an understandably huge amount of work. We painted and we cleaned and we cleaned and we cleaned and then? Well and then, out of the blue, we had to pack it all up and move it all out and watch as it was undone and taken apart and put back together again.

But, thankfully, lots of pain and blood and sweat and tears doth a kitchen make.

Cluttered and cosy but unequivocally a kitchen

Cluttered and cosy but unequivocally a kitchen

We cook and we eat and we play and we bake and we do ALL of the craft in here. The awesomeness that is the Tripp Trapp means that we can all sit around the table together and eat or draw or anything. It is slowly becoming ours with the addition of pictures and things and my view out of the window is improving slowly too (hey, at least it’s not a cock any more).

Drawings and stuff and things...and a bowl of sweeties

Drawings and stuff and things…and a bowl of sweeties


…more things

Much better, no?

Obviously and as always all of the thanks in the world to every single person who made this possible or easier for us in any way. And I promise to show you the rest of the house over the next week or so.