Photos To The Real World

I can’t write.

*stares at keyboard*

Nope. Nothing.

It seems a shame really because, five days in (five days! Five days and I’m still living and breathing!) the absolute least I’d hope to get out of this living hell is a bloody deep, profound and insightful account of just how momentous this all is.

But I got nothing.

So I’m going to update this with some photos instead because right now it feels really important to have some kind of contact with the real world out there somewhere behind the drawn curtains and outside of the house and my bed and the ugh.

20130215-031940 PM.jpg

Day 1: Off. My. Face.

20130215-030125 PM.jpg

Day 2: Off my face times a billion. Crocheted a bee…for some reason.

20130215-030137 PM.jpg

Day 2: Trying to eat something/anything/crisps.

20130215-030324 PM.jpg

Day 2: A hot bath with ALL the bubbles

20130215-030211 PM.jpg

Day 3: Crochet around the vertigo.

20130215-030218 PM.jpg

Day 3: Hallucination central. Convinced that I can see someone on the landing through the crack of the door.

20130215-030149 PM.jpg

Day 4: Crying at EVERYTHING and nothing and just at crying.

20130215-030158 PM.jpg

Day 5: Graduated from crisps to a pumpkin and ginger cake slice with half a cup of tea.

20130215-102709 PM.jpg

Day 5: Celebrating feeling a bit perkier by cracking into a chunk of valentines chocolate bigger than my head.